Anne speaks about how Emotional Intelligence will convince customers they want to buy from you, so you don’t have to sell them.

Considering the advance of technology with everything almost at our fingertips, our world has become increasingly entitled; we demand instead of allowing, we take instead of giving. Isn’t it fascinating to realize that, as much as our society is result–driven, it has done very little to foster a strong sense of commitment within its work force, especially with the Millennials (the generation born between 1981 and 1995). Is it any wonder this generation feels lost, a parent’s credit card in one hand, and little desire to hold a committed job position in the other?

As a powerful role model, Anne demonstrates to her audience how commitment is a conscious choice that is made both in the head and in the heart. Commitment requires 100% dedication to goals, not 90%, not 99% but 100%. Otherwise, at the first sign of struggle or external challenge, said ‘committed’ individuals become ‘disinterested’ (most likely to walk away).

In her clarifying business workshops, Anne expertly shows how to put an end to this perpetuating cycle of self-sabotage to experience the ongoing building purpose of personal power, contribution, and time-lasting legacy.

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Anne speaks about why Emotional Intelligence is the key to discovering what it is you really want and need.

We all have a compassion tank. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including a big heart.

Anne asks, “How many of you have ever given your everything, poured your all, into someone you love? While secretly hoping your tank will get refilled in return?”

She points out, “Do you see how hard it is to keep your tank full while it is still pouring out?”

Throughout her talks, Anne reveals how to avoid ever feeling empty inside by staying clear of fake compassion, the type that tastes like vinegar instead of pure crystal spring water, which is true compassion.

Anne is an enchanting storyteller who provides vivid imagery, dynamic tools and empowering strategies for a clear understanding and daily application of true compassion into your life.

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